The World Doesn’t Need Another Blog -or- Why This Blog Exists

The world doesn’t need another blog; I’m sure you don’t need another blog to read, either.  Even if the world (or you) needed another blog, I’m positive that I’m incapable of providing the blog you need.  However, this blog is not for the world, nor is it for you.  This blog is primarily for my own benefit.

While I would love for this site to be beneficial to somebody, somewhere, sometime, that really isn’t why it exists.  The main reasons for this site are:

  • to motivate me to think about things in greater depth
  • to provide a means of accountability
  • to provide a sounding board
  • to help me deliver something despite not having a perfect (or even decent) deliverable
  • to provide a sandbox through which I can improve my writing

If you find that something here is beneficial, that’s great (and surprising).  If not, you might want to get used to it, and look for something like Seth Godin’s blog instead.

Who is This Guy?

Hello, my name is Rick, and I am a wantrepreneur.  They say that the first step toward recovery is admitting that you have a problem.  I sure hope “they” are right.  I have been a wantrepreneur for years, and it is my hope that this site is part of my recovery process – that I will someday be able to say that I am a wantrepreneur-no-more; that I am an entrepreneur.

That said, “wantrepreneur” or “entrepreneur” are not my primary identity (neither currently, nor hoped-for).  Most importantly, I want my identity to be in Christ – I want to live my life for Him and for his glory above all else.  Some of the same negative qualities that cause me to stagnate as a Christian also cause me to remain a wantrepreneur.  Hopefully, growth in one area will be reflected by growth in the other.

Secondarily, I am a husband to a wonderful wife.  We met when I was a junior in college through a campus ministry we were both involved in while we were students at Wichita State University.  Fortunately, she has been willing to accept my many faults, and we have been happily married since two weeks after I graduated.  Tertiarily, my wife and I are parents to three children: two biological and our youngest is adopted from Uganda.  It is our desire to continue adding to our family through adoption in the future (if you’re interested, feel free to keep up with our family and our adoption adventure here).

Beyond those things, here are a few unimportant things about me (in no particular order):

  • I’m a mechanical engineer currently performing thermal analysis day in and day out – on a related note, I have a great interest in nearly all things mechanical or engineering related
  • You can’t tell by looking, but I am quite interested in physical fitness and enjoy working-out
  • I cannot afford it, but I am a big fan of fountain pens (especially the Pilot Vanishing Point – fortunately I found one “cheap” on ebay)
  • Through the process of adopting from Uganda, I have come to love the country and the people of Uganda
  • I am an advocate for and proponent of adoption as one means of caring for orphaned/vulnerable children
  • I love to learn – about anything and everything
  • I have one child (soon to be two children) currently enrolled in a private Christian school – this is due to (and feeds) my interest in education in general
  • I grew up in rural southern Iowa, and attended the smallest public school in the state – it is no longer the smallest, not because it has grown, but because it has closed
  • I am a perfectionist who has difficulty accomplishing anything because I am incapable of perfection (imagine that)
  • I love real estate – especially if it has modern or contemporary architecture

Well, that’s probably more than enough for an introduction.  Hopefully (if I’m able to overcome my perfectionist tendencies) I’ll be posting on things related to my journey from wantrepreneurship, as well as my interests above.